When choosing a site builder, it is easy to pick whoever is the cheapest. Often, this will lead to a drop in quality which is unacceptable in our eyes. This is why our web design team work tirelessly to make sure that the quality of your website, blog, booking page ecommerce site is assured.

At Options, we have the benefit of not only people who are experts in design and marketing, but also the formulators, production team and labellers who deal with your orders! This gives us an edge over other web developers as we have in mind how your product will look and act at every stage of the process.


But if you are after a website without purchasing our products that’s absolutely fine too!


We are offering a website, built and finished to your specifications for £150+VAT a month.
A month’s work is broken down into four, one-hour long sessions spread across four weeks.
You would be surprised with what can get done in 4 weeks, but please bear in mind we need lots of input and guidance on how you want it to look and behave as a website.

Is your website launch an urgent priority? Not a problem we can book web development time in 2 sessions of 2 hours or even 1 session of the full 4 hours! Just ask!

We will need the following:

  • The domain you want or have.
  • Your colour themes (provided as Hex Codes if possible).
  • Inspiration websites you like (ideally narrowed down to one you like the most).
  • How many pages you need and what they are meant for.
  • Do you need a shop?
  • Website contact details, phone number, business address etc.
  • Opening hours.
  • Social media accounts you want us to link.

This can all be emailed to please note that these points will require some conversation with the web development team to ensure optimal outcomes.


£150+VAT for your first month will get you:

  • Website basics set up (securing domain name, hosting, acquiring SSL certificates).
  • Creation of a home page draft for your approval.
  • Completion of home page (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION*).
  • Installation and optimisation of plugins (the tools and programmes that run your website).

For your second month you can expect:

  • Set up of ecommerce functionality.
  • Populating store with products and information. (up to 20, if you need more we can continue uploading next session)
  • Advice on payment preferences (whether you should use PayPal, Klarna, simple card payments etc.).
  • Addition of other page(s), depending on shop complexity
  • Tweaks to home page if necessary, depending on shop complexity

After this point, you can continue to pay for website work (additions of pages, products, photographs etc.) or we can hand the website to you to complete, or you can move on to the maintenance package. Please bear in mind, if we hand the website over to you, you will need to pay for hosting and the continual upkeep of your website**.

Once your site is up and running, you may need regular updates. We offer to keep it updated for as little as £75 per month which (depending on complexity) can include up to 10 changes (upload images, add products to store, text changes, rearranging web parts, keeping everything updated). Included is our dedication to making sure your website is kept secure and if anything goes wrong we will look into it on your behalf. Or, if your needs are greater, we will provide a quote. Perhaps you prefer to pay-as-you-go? No problem, just call us!


If you come to us to get a website built, we will aim to make your vision a reality. While we are developing it, if anything goes wrong, we will fix it. If you leave it in our hands once it is done, that service will continue and should there be any issues, it will be our responsibility to make sure it is 100%.

We will work with you and   will keep you regularly in the loop, this means we might need to ask you questions so please do keep a lookout for our emails (and the junk folder!). We are not responsible for the contact details you provide us, so please make sure they are up to date.

You will have complete creative control of the project and we ask you to give us lots of guidance on how you want it to work and look.

*Completion of the home page is dependant upon if you feel it is correct. If you do not like the draft we have provided or feel it misses the mark, we will work in stead to get it closer to your vision and aim to complete it as soon as is possible. This can sometimes run over into the next month or next sessions. We will provide lots of proofing and stay in touch so please do not feel disheartened if you feel that something isn’t what you expected yet, it will turn out correctly in the end.

**Web hosting is offered as a £75+VAT service that gives hosting privelages and ammendments, monitoring, updates and fixes for your website. If you would like to pay for hosting on its own without monitoring, updates etc. it is £15+VAT.

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Website Building

Website Building Monthly, Website Hosting Only, Website Maintenance (once website is complete)


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Website Building


To Build a Site can be a long and complicated process which is why we now offer to do it all for you including:

  • Website Building
  • Shop Building
  • Getting a Domain (your name on the web)
  • Hosting (where your website stores its files)
  • Certification (making your website secure)

Please Email the following for us to start your order

  • Domain you want or have
  • your colour theme
  • inspiration websites you like
  • how many pages you need and what they are
  • do you need a shop
  • website contact details, phone number, business address etc
  • opening hours
  • and social accounts you want us to link on

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